The PPRNet Foundation Activities and Services are designed to further TPF’s mission as “a member-based organization whose purpose is to improve the health of the American people by helping, supporting, and educating primary care clinicians to provide evidence-based, high value, quality care.”  

TPF Customized Consultation Services

Now announcing the opportunity for TPF members to customize a plan for transforming your practice to deliver evidence-based, high value, quality care! 

Customized consultation may include: 

  • Practice-specific improvement plans based on practice priorities (for example, achieving higher MIPS or other quality incentive scores)
  • Virtual or on-site practice visits for improvement planning and practice development
  • Certification program for practice staff on practice transformation 
  • Team training to enhance population health, including advancing chronic care management and remote monitoring
  • Consultation on high quality, patient-specific pharmacotherapy

TPF Consulting Services will help TPF member practices:

  • Achieve higher quality
  • Maximize value-based payment program incentives
  • Reenergize practice team

We will tailor the above services to your practice needs. Contact us today for your customized plan and quote!

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