Question: Is TPF membership open to practices that use [insert name] EHR?

Answer:  Yes! TPF membership is open to any/all primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, practice administrators or other team members. TPF membership is not dependent on your practice using a specific EHR.  TPF’s focus is on primary care innovation and education. TPF is a member-based organization whose purpose is to improve the health of the American people by helping primary care clinicians provide evidence-based high-value quality care. Learn more about TPF Activities and Meetings, connect with TPF leadership and members in the Community Forum.


Question: Why does TPF have a preferred reporting partner?

Answer: As a member-based non profit organization, TPF is not in the reporting "business." TPF has partnered with Clinigence for practices that need a reporting solution for QI, population health and/or value-based payment needs.  Selecting Clinigence for reports is not required and TPF members should select a reporting solution that is best for them.  Clinigence is incorporating most of the PPRNet Clinical Quality Measures, including those developed during research projects and in old PPRNet reports, into their near real-time reporting tools.  TPF Board members have piloted and endorsed them.  Clinigence is also able to report to federal incentive programs like MIPS. 


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