Why Chronic Care Management and Remote Monitoring?

  • CMS established billing codes to reimburse care provided to patients outside of typical office visits for Chronic Care Management (CCM) beginning in 2015 and Remote Monitoring (RM) in 2018
  • Early findings show that CCM services have saved Medicare ~$36 million (reference)
  • Projected net revenue of ~$75,000 per FTE physician if half of eligible patients enrolled and CCM was delivered by nursing staff (reference)
  • Existing staff in TPF practices need training in and exposure to best practices in CCM and RM in order to deliver highest quality care

What is the Return on Investment for your Practice?

  •  Using two-physician (small) and seven-physician (large) TPF practices and patients > 65 years of age with HTN as an example:
    • Small practice could add $29,000 and a large practice could add $53,000 in revenue by providing 3 RM sessions a year to only ¼ of eligible patients
    • By adding 3 complex CCM episodes, potential revenue increases to $74,000 (small) and $137,000 (large)  

What is the TPF Solution?

  • A 6-month enhanced, customized training for TPF staff members to support implementation of CCM and remote monitoring:
    • Evidence-based training and support curriculum with “how to” deliver (or improve delivery) of CCM and RM services including protocols and practical management strategies for HTN, diabetes, COPD, other common diagnoses and issues relevant to participating practices
    • Academy forum for sharing complex patient scenarios, CCM “wins” and best practices across the participants
    • Individual coaching and support
  • Costs will depend on number of participants, projected incentives and virtual versus in-person training options

How can I sign up?

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