The PPRNet Foundation is a member-based organization whose purpose is to improve the health of the American people by helping primary care clinicians provide evidence-based high-value quality care.

The PPRNet Foundation (TPF) is the next step in the evolution of PPRNet, which was a long-standing primary care practice-based learning and research organization. The newly formed TPF will leverage PPRNet’s prior successes within a new organizational structure intended to enable us to expand our membership base, facilitate new collaborations, provide unique networking opportunities, offer consultation, and continue to identify new ways to provide high quality care.

Potential opportunities for TPF members include:
  • Continuing medical education and network meetings
  • Community forum for networking, sharing of best practices and clinical updates
  • Assistance with practice transformation and customized consultation services
  • Testing mobile health and other new technologies
  • Participation in innovative research and quality improvement projects
  • Access to cutting edge near real-time clinical quality measure and QCDR reporting through our preferred reporting partner, Clinigence
Just as PPRNet was a network for early EHR innovators at the start of the century, we envision TPF members collectively uncovering the next primary care innovations that will help independent primary care practices continue to survive and thrive while providing evidence-based high value quality care.

View a brief TPF summary here, ideal for members to share as an invitation to join TPF!